Weekly Marketing Rundown - October 27th, 2023

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Weekly Marketing Rundown - October 27th, 2023

Hi everyone,

In this week's edition of Kavanah Media's Weekly Marketing Rundown, we'll talk about verified-only feeds on Instagram, potential new Google search ad placements, and more. Let's dive in. 

Instagram is Testing a Verified-Only Feed

Meta has begun rolling out testing for verified-only feeds to select users. As of right now, you can switch back and forth between the regular curated feed, following only, and favorites feeds. Meta has stated that the “Meta Verified feed will include posts from paying Meta Verified profiles and legacy verified accounts."

For more on this, click the link below:


Meta Sued by 42 Attorney General's Alleging Facebook and Instagram Features Are Addictive and Target Kids

Meta is currently being sued by a group of 42 state attorney generals over their app's addictive features. This bipartisan, multi-state support is rare and represents a significant challenge headed Meta's way. Should they lose this, it would likely trigger major changes to Meta's algorithm, affecting both traditional users and advertisers everywhere. 

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Google Potentially Testing Ads In-Between Organic Results

Google search ads have been spotted in between organic results on the search engine results page (SERP). In the past, SERPs have shown a few ads first, followed by a string of organic content, with a few more ads at the bottom of the screen. However, new screenshots have surfaced from experts showing ads in between organic results at spots in the middle of the page. Google neither confirmed nor denied that they were testing this feature. 

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TikTok is Experimenting With 15-Minute Uploads

TikTok is experimenting with a new 15-minute upload option, extending the current 10-minute video limit. TikTok's original video limit was 15 seconds at the beginning, which later expanded to 1 minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, then 10 minutes in that order. 

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Author: Sean Ralls

Article Published: October 27th, 2023


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Weekly Marketing Rundown - May 17th, 2024
Weekly Marketing Rundown - May 17th, 2024 Hi everyone, In this week's edition of Kavanah Media's Weekly Marketing Rundown, we'll talk about advertiser-branded QR codes on YouTube, Netflix entering the ad technology space, and more. Let's dive in.  YouTube Introduces QR Codes for Advertisers to Enhance Viewer Engagement YouTube is set to enhance interactivity within its advertising platform by introducing QR codes that advertisers can incorporate into their ads. This new feature allows viewers to scan QR codes displayed in video ads to directly access websites, promotions, or additional information, bridging the gap between advertisement and action seamlessly. The introduction of QR codes aims to simplify the process for viewers to engage with ad content, potentially increasing conversion rates and providing advertisers with a direct and measurable way to gauge ad performance. The deployment of QR codes within ads represents a strategic move by YouTube to adapt to evolving digital marketing trends, where convenience and quick access are highly valued by consumers. This feature not only facilitates a smoother viewer experience by eliminating the need to manually search for the advertised product or service but also enhances the ability for advertisers to offer more complex and interactive content. As this feature rolls out, it could significantly shift the dynamics of viewer engagement on the platform, offering a more interactive and integrated approach to video advertising on YouTube. For more on this, click on the link below: https://9to5google.com/2024/05/15/youtube-advertiser-qr-codes/ Google to Limit Functionality in Suspended Ads Accounts Starting June 2024 Starting in June 2024, Google will enforce new restrictions on the functionality of suspended Google Ads accounts. Advertisers whose accounts have been suspended will still be able to access them, but their capabilities within these accounts will be significantly reduced. The following capabilities will still be there for suspended accounts: - Billing options: Make a payment, download tax documents, add a payment method - Account settings: Cancel account and claim refunds - Appeals and verification: Appeal a suspension, complete advertiser verification - Security Settings: Update security settings within the Google Ads account - Navigate to any page on their Google Ads account - Read information and download associated reports from their Google Ads account All other actions will be disabled until the suspension is removed.  For more on this, click on the link below: https://support.google.com/adspolicy/answer/14899401?hl=en#:~:text=Advertisers%20will%20be%20informed%20in,documents%2C%20add%20a%20payment%20method Netflix is Developing In-House Advertising Technology  Netflix is taking significant steps to advance its advertising capabilities by developing an in-house advertising technology platform. This strategic move is aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of ad delivery on its streaming service. By transitioning to a proprietary system, Netflix seeks to better control the integration and management of advertisements, offering a more seamless viewing experience for subscribers who opt for ad-supported plans. This shift suggests a potential decrease in reliance on third-party advertising partners and technology, which could streamline operations and potentially increase ad revenue. As Netflix continues to innovate within the competitive streaming market, this in-house approach may provide the flexibility and agility needed to adapt quickly to changing market demands and viewer preferences. For more on this, click on the link below: https://techcrunch.com/2024/05/15/netflix-in-house-advertising-technology-platform/ Meta Faces New EU Probe Over Allegations of Addictive Algorithms Harming Children Meta is under scrutiny once again as it faces a new probe by the European Union regarding its algorithms. This investigation aims to determine if Meta's algorithms violate EU laws designed to protect minors from digital harms. Concerns have been raised about the nature of content delivery mechanisms used by platforms like Facebook and Instagram, which may prioritize engagement at the risk of exacerbating issues related to mental health among young users. The EU's inquiry will examine the specific ways in which Meta's algorithms engage users and the extent to which these methods may be considered harmful. This probe is part of broader efforts by the EU to enforce stricter regulations on digital platforms, ensuring they uphold a high standard of responsibility, especially when it comes to protecting younger audiences. Meta's practices have come under increasing pressure as regulators push for more transparency and accountability in how social media companies operate their algorithms and manage user data, particularly for vulnerable groups such as children. Thanks for reading this edition of Kavanah Media's Weekly Marketing Rundown! For more up-to-date insights in digital marketing, make sure to follow us on our social media channels using the link below.  https://linktr.ee/kavanahmedia Author: Sean Ralls Article Published: May 17th, 2024