The Christian Media Marketing Podcast, hosted by Jon Ralls of Kavanah Media, is a leading podcast in the Christian Digital Marketing industry. Whether you need help with your digital marketing strategies, marketing campaign management, or simply to stay up to date in the constantly changing social media marketing landscape, this podcast is for you.

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About the Host - Jon Ralls

Jon is the founder of Kavanah Media, a full service Christian digital marketing agency specializing in social media ad management, search engine marketing, and more! He has been working with clients and students for the last 15 years in the Communications and Media Industries. After spending almost a decade working and living overseas in Taiwan, he and his team are working with clients from all around the world.

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Episode 249 - A Brand New, Free Bible Plugin For Your Website

In this episode, Jon will be sharing about a brand new, free Bible plugin for your Wordpress websites. It is a great tool made and dreamed up by one of the Kavanah Media team members, and Discover Jesus Initiative directors.

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Episode 248 - Celebration, A Missing Ingredient

In this episode, Jon will be sharing why celebration is so important in the digital engagement journey, and some ways that you can bring glory to God as we celebrate what the Lord is doing.

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Episode 247 - Three Things to Create In Your Online to Offline Journey For Seekers

In this episode, Jon will be sharing 3 things that we feel are important and need to be created in your online to offline journeys for spiritual seekers. 

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Episode 246 - Things To Think Through When Moving From Online to Offline

In this episode, Jon will be sharing several things to think through, tools to use, and types of groups that you may want to consider as you move a seeker from online to offline connections.

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Episode 245 - 3 Tips For Online Responders

In this episode, Jon will be sharing 3 tips and techniques that your online responders can begin using today. He will also talk about a platform that helps create "Next Steps" for those who are seeking. 

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